Live & Streaming

Involved in live multi-camera productions – camera operating, editing, directing multi-camera, encoding video signals, organising shoots and managing crews.

World Economic Forum

5-day live event: 4 PGM outputs mixed from 6 sources.

Responsible as tech manager on this complex multi-stream event: mixing feeds, managing a team of encoding engineers, ensuring proper streaming, also responsible for pre-production, sourcing gear and recruiting crew


Alicia Keys Blackberry Secret Sessions


Alicia Keys Blackberry Secret Sessions

4-camera production with crane

Responsible as technical manager, pre-production manager.


Jessie J


Jessie J – Facebook Live Session

3-camera production
Responsible as technical manager, floor manager, pre-production manager. 


Volvo Ocean Race

Responsible as live producer and encoding engineer, travelling with the races around Europe ensuring proper streaming


World Snowboarding Championships


World Snowboarding Championships

Responsible as live producer and encoding engineer, ensuring proper streaming


Newton Faulkner - StudioZoo

Newton Faulkner’s Studio Zoo 

4 cameras live 24/7 recording the recording of the artists’ new album in his studio/house.

Responsible for delivering the Livestream technical expertise and gear necessary to this Powster project

About Livestream

#1 growing media company in the USA 2013, Livestream’s mission is to connect people and live events. Livestream offers event owners a complete set of hardware and software tools to share their events with a growing community online. More than 30 million viewers each month watch thousands of live events from customers including The New York Times, Facebook, ESPN, SpaceX and Warner Bros. Records.