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LivingInMotion.TV upcoming film Our Yearly Poker Night (35mins)

(note: work in progress, no color grading, no sound treatment)


Pictures of our soon-to-come 30-minutes independent film, Our Yearly Poker Night, are finally up!

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A coproduction between Robin Gallimard (Producer, Co-Director) and myself (Co-Director, Cinematographer), Our Yearly Poker Night is the story of 4 friends who used to be inseparable in high school. But the older they get, the further they drift apart. They’ve made different choices, have different jobs and have less in common. However they have a ritual, once a year, they meet up for poker a game to talk about the good old days.

A few non-color graded images of the film:

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My work recently featured on The Verge


–> Click here to view Mindmaze’s MindLeap (jump to 1m50s)


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  1. Gary Carr

    Gary Carr,

    Actor, Musician and Founder of the Beautiful World Foundation

    “I’ll always work with Charles, because he displays the best qualities you’d want in a collaborator; creativity, great work ethic, ambition and an open minded attitude. These are just a few. The result of his work completely reflects his approach and it’s been a complete joy to work with someone who creates material of the highest level, which leaves you inspired and hungry to create more.”

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